King Lear: In PhotosKing Lear is now playing in the Globe…

Kevin R McNally (Lear) and Burt Caesar (Gloucester)

Loren O’Dair (Fool)

Kenton Thomas (Ensemble)

Anjana Vasan (Cordelia)

Kevin R McNally (Lear)

Sirine Saba (Regan)

Joshua James (Edgar)

Saskia Reeves (Kent)

The King Lear company in performance on the Globe stage.

King Lear: In Photos

King Lear is now playing in the Globe Theatre until Saturday 14 October.  

Nancy Meckler brings to life the play’s tempestuous poetry with touches of humour and moments of heart-rending simplicity, as the notion of familial love is questioned and torn apart in this charismatic and powerful production.

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(Image credits: Marc Brenner)