Boudica Blogs: Learning to FightAssistant Director of Boudica…

Boudica Blogs: Learning to Fight

Assistant Director of Boudica Martin Leonard presents a series of blogs in which he takes us inside the rehearsal room of this exciting new play which opens on Friday 8 September.

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For the rest of the first day, and indeed every morning of the first week, it’s all about one thing – fighting.

This is a play about war and in order to do it justice, violence is at the very core of what we need to rehearse. 


Pictured: Joan Iyiola (Alonna)

Luckily we have the masterful fight directing duo, Ruth and Rachel (who together form stage combat company RC-Annie), with us throughout the rehearsal process. 

They have a big task ahead of them and will therefore be leading three hours of rehearsal every day for the next four weeks. 

This week they begin with the basics: building up strength, learning footwork and exploring how to make safe and supportive physical contact with your fellow fighter. 


Pictured: Tok Stephen (Clothen/Cato)

By covering all the basics and slowly building up the cast’s fighting skillset, RC-Annie help give the actors more confidence and also empower them to think up unique moves and weapon flourishes that will keep their characters distinct during combat. 

We’re ready!

The cast take to this all with aplomb and by the end of the week we are building the fight choreography for the first big battle, the sacking of Camulodunum, in which the entire cast are involved in multiple fights simultaneously occurring all over the auditorium.  


Pictured: Kate Handford (Silvia)

Lots to do, I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates!

Photos: Helena Misciosia