Boudica Blogs: The Warm UpAssistant Director of Boudica Martin…

Boudica Blogs: The Warm Up

Assistant Director of Boudica Martin Leonard has been blogging from behind the scenes…

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Everyday begins with a warm up, led by RC Annie, which aims to ready everyone physically for the show.

This means one thing… circuits.

Circuit training entails undertaking a variety of exercises, such as skipping, squats, sit-ups and burpees (which are a sort of horrendous combination of a jump and a press-up) under timed conditions. We do 15 intense exercises for 30 seconds at a time. 

This might not sound like long on each, but when you combine all the exercises together it becomes much more of a challenge. In a sort of remarkable / naive show of solidarity everyone joins in with the circuits – stage management, the directing team, even the writer. 

It’s a real slog at first but also fantastic when you finally complete each 15 stage circuit – you really feel you’ve earned that tea break Jammie Dodger.

(Photography by Helena Miscioscia. Below: Anna-Maria Nabirye and Bethan Clark; above: Bethan Clark and Owen Findlay).