Boudica Blogs: Music and MovementAssistant Director Martin…

Boudica Blogs: Music and Movement

Assistant Director Martin Leonard’s final Boudica blog. The blogging may be over, but this play’s journey continues!

In addition to all the fighting and scene work, we somehow manage to fit in a music call with the composer Jules Maxwell, in which we look at some of the singing that will feature in the show. 

The songs vary in style, from boisterous post battle celebrations to more soulful meditations on death and remembrance. The cast are quick to pick the music up and by the end of one session have learnt both harmonies and drum accompaniments to three different pieces.

To cap it all off, we also have Tom Jackson Greaves, our choreographer, helping to both strengthen the physical language of the piece and also choreograph key moments in the play. 

This week he looked mainly at the Prologue, in which the Goddess of Victory, Andraste, sets the entire play in motion, introduces us to key characters and explores some of the historical context of Roman Britain. 


While Anna-Maria Nabirye (pictured in rehearsal), playing Andraste, grapples magnificently with her opening monologue, Tom begins to build a shape to the choreography for the rest of the ensemble cast, the aim being to create imagery that supports Andraste’s words and adds depth to her storytelling.

We end the week wondering where all the time has gone and with a real appreciation of the magnitude of the task in hand. Overall, however, we are optimistic about what we have so far managed to achieve. 

Eleanor has explored more of the scenes with the actors than we originally thought would be possible in the time (in part due to the energy and enthusiasm of the brilliant cast) and we find ourselves with an initial blueprint to the staging of a good chunk of the first half. 

But this is just the beginning –  second week will soon be upon us and this means carrying on where we left off – scene work, circuits and a whole lot more violence.