Meet the Romantics Anonymous Assistant Director, Laura KeefeI’m…

Meet the Romantics Anonymous Assistant Director, Laura Keefe

I’m Laura – I am the Assistant Director on Romantics Anonymous which is currently playing in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I do!

My job is to assist Director Emma Rice and look after the show when it’s up and running. Within the company we have two actors who will understudy all the parts and cover if anyone goes off sick. Part of my role is rehearsing the understudies and making sure they are ready should they need to go on. Once we’re open, I watch the show on a regular basis and give notes to the actors.


As well as this, one of my main responsibilities on the show has been updating the script as we go along and keeping all creatives up-to-date with any changes made. 

The Globe put a fancy writing program on my laptop so I would be able to edit the script as we went along. It is crucial that everyone in the room is working with the same page numbers so that everyone is quite literally ‘on the same page’. 

This is also vital for the Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) who is in charge of ‘the book’. The book is a marked up script of the show with all sound and lighting cues on it, and details all the actors’ moves on stage including entrances and exits.


When working on a new musical, A LOT of script changes happen. This is partly due to the number of writers and collaborators on the show. 

This piece is adapted from an original screenplay by Jean-Pierre Améris and Philippe Blasband by Emma Rice with lyrics by Chris Dimond. 

Throw into the mix a bunch of amazing actors with plenty of insight and interesting ideas, and that’s a lot of room to change!

If you want to come and see our show, you have until 6 January to catch it.

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Photography: Steve Tanner