Read Not Dead 3 December: Cast AnnouncedJoining us for our next…

Andy Secombe and Beth Eyre

Charlie Ryall and Clark Alexander

James Wallace

Jeremy Booth

Joe Eyre

Karen Whyte

Lydia Bakelmun

Oliver Lavery

Peter Wicks and Robbie Capaldi

Sam Jenkins-Shaw and Timothy Blore

Read Not Dead 3 December: Cast Announced

Joining us for our next Read Not Dead event on 3 December (Massinger’s The Bashful Lover) are:

Andy Secombe, Beth Eyre, Charlie Ryall, Clark Alexander, James Wallace, Jeremy Booth, Joe Eyre, Karen Whyte, Lydia Bakelmun, Oliver Lavery, Peter Wicks, Robbie Capaldi, Sam Jenkins-Shaw and Timothy Blore.

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