A Message From Michelle TerryAs I embark on a journey of a…

A Message From Michelle Terry

As I embark on a journey of a lifetime and look forward to the future as the next Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe, it feels important to take a moment to look back on its past. 

Twenty years ago The Globe began as the most radical of theatrical experiments and over time, we have become more aware of just how passionately people really feel about this unique building and the most exquisite of playwrights. 

We know what we are but know not what we may be.  

Throughout the interview process I was asked a number of times, what makes Shakespeare’s Globe so special? The answer – that almost every person who has ever stepped foot inside the space will give you – is… the audience, the other character in all of the plays. Only in front of the audience do the plays really come to life and I think we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is revealed about the plays when they are performed in those playhouses. 

Particularly in The Globe: in the shared light, and the unprecedented embrace of that wooden O, in the collective imagination and the connection and communication between story, storyteller and audience, that is where the plays breathe. It is the exploration of these plays, this experiential and sensorial encounter, in these unique, honest and vulnerable playing conditions, that will lie at the heart of my vision. 

I do believe that he is our greatest humanist writer. He writes for anyone, about everyone, and on stage as well as off we will be holding a mirror up to nature, offering a true reflection of humanity, and prove that Shakespeare is about all of us and for all of us. And as we celebrate writers of the past we must also look to the future. A new writing venue 400 years ago, it will continue to be a new writing venue today as we all go on the hunt for our next Shakespeare.

As an organisation that receives no statutory funding, we can only succeed in our mission because of our friends; people like you. Your participation makes all the difference to the fibre and fabric of our work. Connecting people with Shakespeare, all people, especially young people, through our theatre and educational programme, has been at the heart of Shakespeare’s Globe since we opened in 1997. I hope to share the importance of all our work more closely with our audience, and particularly with our members.

Friends enjoy concessionary rates to our diverse programme of events including Company Q&As, our Read Not Dead series and family events for all ages.  And when my first season is announced on 4th January 2018, Friends will enjoy priority booking for a Summer season that promises to be a celebration of Shakespeare, The Globe and our local, national and international communities. 

As The Globe begins the next chapter of its history, I feel as excited as I am overwhelmed by the potential and possibilities contained within Shakespeare’s plays, these incredible playhouses, and the human beings that devote their time and imaginations to work and play in these unique and unprecedented playhouses. 

As Shakespeare said, ‘Thy friendship makes us fresh’, and I sincerely hope that you might consider joining me and The Globe as we begin this incredible adventure.

With best wishes,

Michelle Terry
Artistic Director Designate

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