Call for Fan Contributors


We are soliciting Shakespeare fan work for our forthcoming monograph, The Shakespeare Multiverse. The Shakespeare multiverse emerges out of the various worlds that are built by both Shakespeare fans and members of adjacent fandoms in a similar vein to Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Trek, DC Comics, and arguable, Jane Austen’s narratives. These artifacts might include fanfics of any genre, verse, visual art, etc. We welcome fan-generated works on characters, texts, or even about the man himself.  We ask authors to limit written works to no longer than 1000 words. 

The Shakespeare Multiverse is an academic book, and like most such publications we are almost certainly not going to make any money from this, so cannot offer any remuneration more than credit for the work and its exposure in academic circles. The book is a celebration of fan work, and an affirmation of the importance of fannish reading (we ourselves happily identify as Shakespeare fangirls); all submitted work will be treated with the same utmost respect we afford academic criticisms.
Work must be submitted by July 1, 2018.
Please PM me for more information and feel free to reblog.