Hamlet and As You Like It rehearsal sketchesThe 2018…

Hamlet and As You Like It rehearsal sketches

The 2018 #GlobeEnsemble who will perform Hamlet and As You Like It are rehearsing and putting the plays together in a way unlike many of our Globe companies.

Everyone is equally involved in the process including the designer, composer, choreographer, actors, and directors and the rehearsal space is being treated like a ‘test tube’ of experimentation.

All the production choices, and what you will eventually see on stage, will spring from what happens in the rehearsal room. Ideas will be posed and explored, grown and altered. Some may fall by the wayside and some may make their way onto the stage, even if only in essence.

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Ellan Parry the designer has shared some of the rehearsal sketches.

Starting with a blank page meant that I needed to be in the rehearsal room as much as possible, observing and responding to the work the acting members of the ensemble were doing. Drawing is a useful mechanism for this kind of responding – a more meditative, more instinctive, less analytical way of channelling the imagery, the action, and a kind of distilled essence of what the actors are showing me. Looking back over these drawings from the past months, I’m struck by how much of this imagery, and this essence, in some cases from our very earliest sessions when we were just beginning to scratch below the surface of these plays, has found its way into what we’re about to put on stage.