Casting for Paradise Lost, staged reading “For Man to tell how…

Oliver Bennett – Satan

Oliver Bennett – Satan and Hilary Tones – Sin

Rachel Winters – Narrator 1 and Beth Eyre – Narrator 2

Beth Eyre – Narrator 2 (left) and Rachel Winters – Narrator 1

Tok Stephen – Adam and Aruhan Galieva – Eve

Casting for Paradise Lost, staged reading 

“For Man to tell how human life began is hard; for who himself beginning knew?”

John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost demands to be performed. Through a tactile and rich language dictated by the blind poet to his daughters, Milton details the Fall of humankind.


Through our Research in Action staged reading we will test the performance value of this poem. Research in Action is a kind of workshop forum that takes research questions about Early Modern drama and sets it on its feet in front of a public audience. For academics and interested readers, this kind of exercise can lead to all sorts of revelations. When you add voices and bodies and space a text can reveal itself in new ways. 

Get a sneak peek into the rehearsal and hear from our academics in this video.

On 14 May Dr Eric Langley’s adaptation is directed by Dr Farah Karim-Cooper and Dr Emma Whipday. In the “creative, playful and dangerous” practice of actors performing the poem we hope to learn a thing or two. If you are joining us on that date expect to be asked for your opinion.

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