Plays, concerts, research and personal development as a Globe…

Plays, concerts, research and personal development as a Globe Education Assistant 

Our Globe Education Assistant roles offer school leavers an exciting opportunity to gain invaluable experience working in a leading arts organisation. Through supporting the daily activities of the Education department for one year, they develop key skills in administration, communication and team work in a supportive environment, and make a valuable contribution to the work of the Globe.

Here Layla Savage, a Globe Education Assistant in the Learning Projects team, talks about her experiences of the programme so far.

When I applied for the Globe Education Assistant position, I did it on a bit of a whim. If I got the job – great; if I didn’t then I would be off to university. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about going to university. I was definitely going to go, but something just didn’t seem right. Maybe it was the course, maybe it was the place, or maybe it just wasn’t the right time…Either way, come September I was not moving on to university, but rather starting an exciting new job at Shakespeare’s Globe!

Working as part of the Learning Projects team for the past nine months has been a great experience, not only have I been providing support and assistance to the team, but have also had my own responsibilities and as sense of ownership over certain projects. The main project that I have worked on is Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank, in which we stage a 90 minute Shakespeare play (this year was Much Ado About Nothing) and give out thousands of FREE tickets to secondary school students in London and Birmingham. My role in this project was to support the work of the project team (for instance, taking minutes at regular meetings), and to take the lead on scheduling the practical workshops our practitioners deliver to school groups before they come to see the performance.  

One of my favourite things about my job is the diversity – every day is different! During the madness of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank, we would be outside by the River Thames every day, herding over a thousand students and teachers into the Globe, some days I am putting together story sacks, filled with colourful and exciting puppets and instruments to make Shakespeare come alive to primary school children. Other days are more desk-based, consisting of putting together databases or doing some research. One of my favourite projects was A Concert for Winter, which is our annual winter concert for community groups in Southwark to take part in. It was so lovely and heart-warming to see such a range of people from the local area come together to celebrate with each other, many performing songs that they had written themselves. This was also great fun as all the Globe Education Assistants were supporting as stage managers for the day, which was great fun. It was truly a beautiful day!

Finally, I have had so many great opportunities at Shakespeare’s Globe and have gained so much confidence and independence throughout the year. I’ve had time to reflect on my next steps, and after a bit of drama about what I would end up doing next year, I have finally made a decision that I am happy with. I have had conversations with so many people, and have learnt something from everyone I’ve met at the Globe. Each of the Education Assistants were also given a mentor at the start of the year, and I cannot thank my mentor enough for all the help and support that she has given me, from sorting out what I would do about university, to talking about how I can be more organised, and setting up a chat for me with one of the producers here at the Globe, it is great to have people you can turn to.

For anyone thinking of applying for the Globe Education Assistant position, you’d be foolish not to!

We are currently looking for school leavers who would like to develop careers in the arts or education for our Globe Education Assistant roles. For a full job description and to apply, please visit the Jobs page of our website.