Your chance to be a Globe Education Assistant Our Globe…

Your chance to be a Globe Education Assistant 

Our Globe Education Assistant roles offer school leavers an exciting opportunity to gain invaluable experience working in a leading arts organisation. Through supporting the daily activities of the Education department for one year, they develop key skills in administration, communication and team work in a supportive environment, and make a valuable contribution to the work of the Globe.

We are currently looking for school leavers who would like to develop careers in the arts or education for our Globe Education Assistant roles. For a full job description and to apply, please visit the Jobs page of our website.

The deadline for applications is Monday 4 June at 5pm.

Shiri Fileman, a Globe Education Assistant in the Events team, shares her experiences of working at the Globe. 

I’m not sure there are adequate words to describe what my time at the Globe has been like so far. If you are thinking of becoming a Globe Education Assistant (GEA) read on to get the inside scoop.

To give you some context, I stumbled across this role whilst in my first year of applying to drama schools, and immediately pounced on the idea that this could be my job for a whole year.

I work in the Events team, and we deal with all public events. This can range from the Read Not Dead staged readings, lectures on a myriad of topics and Family Storytelling Festivals. No one day is the same, and the challenges can range from running a production on one of the most beautiful stages, to ensuring there are enough pizzas for everyone to eat (don’t worry as a GEA you get pizza too). The variety of work I do is so huge and exciting, I find it hard not to brag about my job to everyone I meet.

Recently, the Events team finished working with the Higher Education team to put on the Sam Wanamaker Festival. This is an enormous celebration of all the UK, and some International Drama Schools, who come together to perform Shakespeare and his contemporaries on the Globe Stage. It is a crazy weekend full of learning, fun, and lots of hummus, KitKats and wine. I was on my feet constantly, but have never left a weekend at work with a bigger grin on my face. There were so many hilarious moments, and I got to know the students really well. It’s something else to experience that festival and be in that space.

However, this job isn’t just exclusive to performers or people who want to make a career out of performing. You will be working with and hosting lecturers in Shakespeare Studies from universities all over the world, talking to them and listening to their research.

One of the most incredible things about working at the Globe is the fantastic people who work around you. Everyone has such a unique background and brings something immensely special to the building. You always feel surrounded by endless heaps of talent.

There is never a moment when you are the child of the team, or treated any differently. You are an integral part of the building and everyone treats you that way. I’m not sure I’ve gone a single day without being greeted by smiles in every doorway, (or when making the tenth tea of the day in the Green Room). Of course I am biased, but my team is made up of the most incredible individuals who constantly amaze me with their kindness and talent.

We are now on the magical adventure of the Summer Season. We have dived head first into the bulk of the events calendar, with fantastic panels and discussions on censorship in theatre with leading producers, academics and actors, followed by the Read Not Dead readings, Q&As, talks and study courses, all before tumbling into the huge Shakespeare’s Telling Tales family storytelling festival. And that’s just up to July!

This job gives you so many transferable skills. As someone who wants to act, much of my life and career will be uncertain from here in. I thought I had a step-by-step plan for my life, and if that had actually worked out I’d never have made it to where I am now. The Globe has given me so many things that can I can take to all walks of life, and help me feel prepared to go on to do whatever I want to do.

One of the most useful skills I now have is finance management. I honestly thought I would never understand finance, but a big part of my job is managing expenditure and income and ensuring that everything is accounted for. If you read the word finance and started internally crying, don’t worry. I felt the same way and it isn’t the whole job. There are so many other fun parts too.  I’m only at my desk about half of the time and there can never be a dull moment. In my first week I was ironing sheets for a play in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, and in the second I was ordering a fluffy hedgehog ornament online. His name is Hedgely and he is very cute. He has now taken up permanent residence in the office. 

As a very untidy person I found having such responsibilities has helped me really find out how I work and know what is best for me.

This job has been the most amazing few months thus far. I have laughed so hard I have had to lie down from my belly hurting and cried from being so moved by the amazing work that I get to do.