Boarding Pass Installation by Dima Karout As part of Refugee…

Boarding Pass Installation by Dima Karout 

As part of Refugee Week 2018, Syrian Canadian visual artist and educator Dima Karout has created a participatory installation called ‘Boarding Pass’. Like many of her previous projects, Boarding Pass reflect[s] on our experiences as humans in dealing with visible and invisible boundaries, the quest for identity, and invite us to reflect on our relation to others.

Dima invites you to take a hand-made boarding pass, created and signed by the Globe team, and to write your response to one of the questions suspended in the wires barrier of the installation.

This is not easy. We are asked to consider: WHAT we would give up; WHO we would let go; WHY do we care; WHERE do we draw the line, HOW did we get there and WHEN do you give a second chance? In this uncertain climate, these questions are even more pertinent.

Visit the Globe and add your voice to this growing artwork that Dima created to initiate a collective conversation, and read what other people have said. Find the installation next to the Shop, in the Foyer. This artwork is free and open to all. 

To see more of Dima’s work, and to participate in more interactive installations,  visit her website.