Building a village: Eyam. Many of the props you see on our…

Building a village: Eyam. 

Many of the props you see on our stages are created by our Props team who work tirelessly to create all manner of items from thousands of books to grace the set of Emilia to beds in Othello. 

Here prop maker Isobel Clenton shares some pictures of the process of making the model village of Eyam seen at the beginning of the play. Each house is based on a real house in the village of Eyam. They are made from Airex, a dense foam that can be sculpted. Find out more about the process and other props from the play in this blog that shares the secrets of how to make realistic deer guts

Eyam closes on 13 October. 

Production photography by Marc Brenner. All other photography by Isobel Clenton.