Richard II cast. Who are we as a Nation post-Empire and…

Adjoa Andoh

Adjoa Andoh and Lynette Linton

Dona Croll and Shobna Gulati

Ayesha Dharker and Indra Ové

Lourdes Faberes and Leila Farzad

Sarah Lam and Sarah Niles

Nicholle Cherrie and Rajha Shakiry

Dominique Le Gendre, Yarit Dor and Ingrid Pollard

Richard II cast. 

Who are we as a Nation post-Empire and pre-Brexit, and how do we speak truth to power? Who made this country and how do we move forward together? 

As we wrestle with questions of identity and ownership we turn to our greatest playwright to reflect on ‘This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England’. 

Meet the cast of Richard II, opening 22 February 2019. Our production is staged by the first-ever company of women of colour in a Shakespeare play on a major UK stage. Co-directed by Adjoa Andoh and Lynette Linton, Adjoa will also play the titular role.

Adjoa Andoh will play Richard II and co-direct 

Lynette Linton will co-direct 

Dona Croll will play John of Gaunt and the Duchess of York

Shobna Gulati will play the Duke of York 

Ayesha Dharker will play Aumerle

Indra Ové will play Mowbray and Northumberland

Lourdes Faberes will play Bagot and Exton

Leila Farzad will play the Queen 

Sarah Lam will play the Duchess of Gloucester and Gardener

Sarah Niles will play Bolingbroke 

Nicholle Cherrie will play Percy, Green, and Ross 

Rajha Shakiry will design

Dominique Le Gendre will compose 

Yarit Dor will be Movement and Fight director

Ingrid Pollard, artist and photographer, will be photographing and documenting the production and its process

Richard II runs from 22 February – 21 April 2019 in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse