Halloween inspiration from Shakespeare’s Globe

Are you looking for an antidote to the truly terrifying ‘sexy’ Handmaid’s Tale outfits you’re bound to encounter this year?

Why not really scare the patriarchy by donning blue and dressing like our favourite ‘guilty feminist’/ 16th-century poet, Emilia Bassano, brought to vivid life on the Globe stage earlier this year by Leah Harvey, Vinnette Robinson and Clare Perkins in Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s Emilia.

For the introverts who still want to party we’d suggest taking inspiration from the crows in Eyam. Just don’t tell your friends your appearance means the plague is coming. The highly impractical beaks are also great for those trying to avoid hoovering up all the Halloween snacks.

Have you enacted every Harry Potter character for the last seven years and are now looking for a new magical twist? May we suggest Hermione from The Winter’s Tale?

Is she a woman? Is she a statue? Didn’t she die?! Is she a ghost?  How did she stand still for so long?!  The main component of this costume is the ability to stand still for long periods of time then ‘come to life’ at the precise moment your ex lifts a glass of red wine to their lips.

Those suffering from existential dread can channel the Prince of Darkness himself. No, not Alice Cooper, but everyone’s favourite maudlin young man, Hamlet. Just wear your own clothes for this one and leave a trail of heartbreak in your wake.

Get yourself down to the florist for a bunch of symbolic flowers, or at the very least grab some rosemary from the herb garden and tout the sweetest-smelling, but saddest costume of all.

Costuming as a couple? Forget Romeo and Juliet to play with your wardrobes and words as you transform yourselves into Rosalind and Orlando and do Halloween As You Like It.


Emilia photographed by Helen Murray. Designed by Jo Scotcher. 
Crow costume sketches for Eyam by Hannah Clark 
The Winter’s Tale photographed by Marc Brenner. Designed by James Perkins.
Hamlet photographed by Tristram Kenton. Designed by Ellan Parry. 
As You Like It photographed by Tristram Kenton. Designed by Ellan Parry.