Shakespeare and Remembrance.On the centenary of Armistice Day,…

Cassidy Little © Amanda Searle

Maurillia Simpson © Amanda Searle

Shaun Johnson © Amanda Searle

Harry Parker © Amanda Searle

Shakespeare and Remembrance.

On the centenary of Armistice Day, current serving and veteran military personnel and their families will stage an evening of performances that will pit Shakespeare’s imagined experience of war against the realities of twenty-first-century military life.

This evening will be in remembrance for all those who served in both the First World War and other more recent conflicts.

The portraits are part of a series by photographer Amanda Searle depicting veterans whose lives have been impacted by their time in service. They are all involved with The Soldiers’ Arts Academy. Some of them have been involved in the creation of Shakespeare and Remembrance. We are very honoured to bear witness to their difficult experiences of war and conflict. Additional images are now on display in the foyer of Shakespeare’s Globe as part of a week-long exhibition. 

Martin Leonard directs this production co-devised by himself and Amanda Faber. 

Join us for this unique event on Sunday 11 November.

Don’t miss Soldier On presented by The Soldiers’ Arts Academy. Featuring ex-service personnel as well as professional actors Soldier On “lifts the lid on the vastness and complexity of Britain’s often overlooked and incredibly broad military community, the wives, partners, mothers, children and, of course, the servicemen and women themselves, and how they cope with the emotional, mental and physical effects and stresses of modern military service and its after effects.” Soldier On is at The Other Palace until 24 November.