Doctor Faustus Costume Designs.Doctor Faustus and its Seven…

Doctor Faustus Costume Designs.

Doctor Faustus and its Seven Deadly Sins allows designers to get really creative. Here Designer Libby Watson tells us more about the costumes.

The costume designs for Doctor Faustus are inspired by the mid to late 16th century. We have had a whole host of fabulous makers, creating various pieces of costume from millinery (hats) to wings, as well as the intricate construction of costumes for Faustus and Mephistopheles.

The team has created inspired interpretations of the Seven Deadly Sins costume drawings that reference the Candomblé Afro-American traditions and religion in a riot of colour and elaborate headdresses.

All of this has been put together by the fabulous supervisors Lorraine Ebdon-Price and Janet Spriggs with the team at the Globe led by Emma Seychell. It all happens in our fitting room with its pretence of calm while we figure out the multiple (and sometimes very fast) costume changes, but it is always collaborative, creative and above all, we do it with much laughter.

The graffiti at Waterloo Station (pictured above) seemed like a good omen.

Doctor Faustus opens in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on 1 December.

Sketches and photography by Libby Watson.