Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank: Romeo and Juliet…

Nathan Welsh

Charlotte Beaumont

Jeff Alexander

Debbie Chazen

Hermione Gulliford

Stuart Bowman

Ayoola Smart

Christopher Chung

Shalisha James-Davis

Ned Derrington

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank: Romeo and Juliet cast.

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank productions are full-scale action-packed 90-minute productions of Shakespeare’s plays created specifically with young people in mind, but enjoyed by all. This year Shakespeare’s greatest love story, Romeo and Juliet, will be brought to the Globe stage by faces familiar to many. 

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The cast of Romeo and Juliet are:

Jeff Alexander will play Lord Montague/Friar Laurence 
Charlotte Beaumont will play Juliet 
Stuart Bowman will play Lord Capulet 
Debbie Chazen will play Lady Montague/Nurse
Christopher Chung will play Abraham/Prince Escalus/Paris 
Ned Derrington will play Mercutio/Sampson/Friar John 
Hermione Gulliford will play Lady Capulet 
Shalisha James-Davis will play Benvolio 
Ayoola Smart will play Tybalt/Apothecary 
Nathan Welsh will play Romeo 

Directed by Michael Oakley. Romeo and Juliet will open on 28 February.