The Globe Ensemble.We’d like to introduce the new resident Globe…

Sarah Amankwah, Philip Arditti, Nina Bowers

Jonathan Broadbent

Leaphia Darko

Steffan Donnelly

John Leader

Sophie Russell

Oliver Ryan

Helen Schlesinger

Michelle Terry

The Globe Ensemble.

We’d like to introduce the new resident Globe Ensemble.

Echoing the approach that Shakespeare’s company would have taken over 400 years ago the Globe Ensemble will work together over the following year to explore our working and performance practices.

Sean Holmes, Associate Artistic Director will bring his years of experience working with ensembles, such as Filter and the ground-breaking Secret Theatre project, to inform and inspire our ensemble experiment.

The Globe Ensemble will include:

Tayo Akinbode – Composer
Sarah Amankwah – Player
Philip Arditti – Player
Sarah Bedi – Director
Nina Bowers – Player 
Jonathan Broadbent – Player 
Leaphia Darko – Player 
Steffan Donnelly – Player 
Federay Holmes – Director 
John Leader – Player 
Sophie Russell – Player 
Oliver Ryan – Player  
Helen Schlesinger – Player 
Michelle Terry – Player 
Rob Walker – Stage Manager 
Siân Williams – Choreographer 
Jessica Worrall –  Designer 

Over the course of this year, the Globe Ensemble will be exploring the present and future of our ‘sceptred isle’ through the prism of Shakespeare’s history plays. Discover more about the 2019 Globe summer season.