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The 2018 #GlobeEnsemble: Rehearsal Room VibesYou may have read…

The 2018 #GlobeEnsemble: Rehearsal Room Vibes

You may have read our earlier blog about why our rehearsal room has been all about experimentation, collaboration and starting from scratch.

Today we thought we’d share with you a playlist of tracks that we have using as inspiration and motivation in our theatre-making process

Have a listen on Spotify.

The #GlobeEnsemble 

The 2018 #GlobeEnsemble: Welcome to Our Test TubeWe are the 2018…

The 2018 #GlobeEnsemble: Welcome to Our Test Tube

We are the 2018 #GlobeEnsemble (currently rehearsing Hamlet and As You Like It) and we’re getting into the swing of things. Unlike many other previous Shakespeare’s Globe companies, our group really have been starting from the very beginning.

When we first got together, ‘starting from scratch’ was a key part of our collective brief. All production choices made so far and to be made in the coming weeks will spring from what happens in our rehearsal room.

In the usual theatre-making process, for Shakespeare’s Globe and many other companies, more often than not these decisions are made months before rehearsals start, often months before the production is even cast. For our #GlobeEnsemble, this process really did begin as a completely blank canvas.

The rehearsal room belongs to all of us equally (the designer, the composer, the choreographer, the actors and the directors) in its entirety – it is a test tube in which everything and anything can be flung in and we can be as curious as we wish.

As we continue work, many ideas will be skimmed off, some will dissolve and be completely forgotten… but some powerful ideas will form crystals and be eventually assembled into final productions that we welcome you to from 25 April 2018.

Unusually, this rehearsal process is also ‘open’ which means others (such as staff, students, practitioners and other directors) can sit in the room at any time to watch the plays develop. We think it can be beneficial to share rehearsal processes and experiences, especially with Shakespeare and especially when experimentation is at play. Also, the Globe Theatre is an audience-dominated playing space, more like a football stadium than a conventional theatre! The audience have a huge influence on the performance and so having a busy rehearsal room prepares us for that busy, distracted playing space.

We’ve been thinking about how else we can ‘open’ this space to you, so for the next month we’re going to be taking you inside the test tube digitally via a series of videos and photos. We want you to feel and breathe this process as much as we do. Follow the hashtag #GlobeEnsemble and get ready to see what gets thrown into the mix.

Until next time, back to work.

The #GlobeEnsemble 


Acclaimed Shakespeare stage productions to be …

Acclaimed Shakespeare stage productions to be shown on BBC:

Donmar Warehouse’s all-female Shakespeare trilogy and Andrew Scott’s Hamlet are going to be shown on the BBC in 2018!

Imaginary Forces: Q&A with Michelle TerryIn 2018, we’ve…

Imaginary Forces: Q&A with Michelle Terry

In 2018, we’ve entered an exciting new phase. Our new summer season was announced earlier this month, along with a new visual identity.

In this Q&A, meet Artistic Director Designate Michelle Terry ahead of her first season at Shakespeare’s Globe, which kicks off this April with Hamlet and As You Like It.

What is your first memory of Shakespeare’s Globe?

Queuing for Twelfth Night on a warm Sunday in 2002. I bought a tub of mixed nuts and a pint of beer and stood in the yard on my own and couldn’t believe what I was watching. The most permissive, empowering, autonomous experience I have ever had in a theatre.

Do you have a favourite memory in this building?

Playing the Princess of France in Love’s Labour’s Lost in 2009, I was sitting on a walkway that came out into the yard, facing the stage when I felt a tug on my corset string. I turned my head and a man said, “I’m terribly sorry, your majesty. Your corset has come undone”. It was the most sublime moment where logic and myth came together. It was totally logical to this man that he should save me from an embarrassment, but simultaneously he was immersed enough in the myth and the story to call me “your majesty”! Pure Globe.


Photo: Love’s Labour’s Lost, directed by Dominic Dromgoole, 2009

Why did you want to work at Shakespeare’s Globe?

It’s the most theatrical space I know and where Shakespeare makes the most sense to me.


Pictured: ‘And let us… on your imaginary forces work’ (Henry V) – part of our new cause statement

What’s the best thing about your job?

No matter how hard things get, the bottom line is that we all get to work on these incredible plays in these incredible spaces and share them with an audience in the most sensorial and experiential way. It’s extraordinary.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Shakespeare’s Globe?

That we continue to delight audiences, from the eight year old to the eighty-nine year old, with these plays in these unique playhouses, and continue to surprise and inspire the passionate aficionados and the newcomer alike. 


Photos of Michelle Terry by Sarah Lee

What are you most proud of?

To be a part of the history of the journey of this extraordinary building.

Do you have a favourite Shakespeare quote?

‘Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.’ (Measure for Measure)

Favourite Shakespeare play?

All of them!


Photo: Pete Le May

What would your 90 year old self say to you now?

Keep going. It matters. 

If you could describe Shakespeare’s Globe in one word, what would it be?

Vital. Alive. Wonder-Full… nope, sorry, one word is not enough.

Shakespeare’s Globe Summer Season 2018 goes on sale to the public on 29 January, but you can support us as a Friend to receive priority booking.

Daisy Ridley as Ophelia and Naomi Watts as Ger…

Daisy Ridley as Ophelia and Naomi Watts as Gertrude, in Ophelia (dir. Claire McCarthy).

Emmy Winner Riz Ahmed In Negotiations With Netflix On ‘Hamlet’ | Deadline

Emmy Winner Riz Ahmed In Negotiations With Netflix On ‘Hamlet’ | Deadline:

“Set in a modern-day London of economic and political uncertainty, the story follows the intersecting themes of familial honor, moral duty and dynastic corruption.”

Not exactly a unique setting…

binary-bird:i’ll stop making hamlet memes when i’m dead


i’ll stop making hamlet memes when i’m dead

Tom Hiddleston as Hamlet: More photos from the RADA Hamlet (dir….

Tom Hiddleston as Hamlet: More photos from the RADA Hamlet (dir. Kenneth Branagh) can be found here.

Brief update

Apologies for the lack of regular posting – work/research/writing has kept me pretty busy lately. My UK trip is coming up next week, so hopefully I should have extra time to post some Shakespeare-related pics/news soon. Oh, and I managed to score tickets to the Kenneth Branagh/Tom Hiddleston Hamlet, so I’ll try and take some photos to share.

RADA President Kenneth Branagh to Direct Tom Hiddleston in HAMLET

RADA President Kenneth Branagh to Direct Tom Hiddleston in HAMLET