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Southwark Youth Theatre Blog: A Belated Happy HolidaysThe…

Southwark Youth Theatre Blog: A Belated Happy Holidays

The beginning of February is not perhaps the most conventional time to wish you a happy holiday, but I hope you will accept this belated piece of festive cheer on behalf of the Southwark Youth Theatre as we reconvene after our Christmas break.

We ended our last term on a high, with a very successful winter sharing performance in which the youth company showcased all of the skills they have gained over the last few months. 

In our first term, we focussed on the art of improvisation; a kind of acting based on the performers’ ability to say ‘yes’ to anything offered to them on stage – no matter how nerve-wracking or how ridiculous. To acquire this skill is no mean feat, but the company tackled it with gusto. 

We began the process with games like ‘MARTHA’, where the company are given a description of a scene to make a freeze frame image of, with every member striking a pose and describing what they are in the scene (which can be anything from ‘I am the king’ to ‘I am the air of grandeur’). 

After they had mastered this, the company built up to creating their own devised scenes for the sharing performance. The younger group’s scenes were based around themes from King Lear (using puppets and drums aplenty), while the older group’s were centred around different objects symbolising the themes (which brought us, amongst other things, the strange tale of the pineapple of love).

After a well-deserved round of applause we broke for Christmas, before meeting again early last month to begin preparation for our spring term sharing. This time, the company will be treating us to a scripted performance on the Globe stage, made up of short scenes from twelve Shakespeare plays and poems, all looking at the theme of ‘families’. 

Making use of some ‘greatest hits’ like Othello and Romeo and Juliet, as well as lesser-known works like Cymbeline and Sonnet 37, the company’s March Sharing promises to show Shakespeare’s families in all their dysfunctional glory – with, if we are lucky, a few happy endings thrown in.

With the parts assigned and the read-throughs completed, we can begin to knuckle down to the business of rehearsing. Add that to the theatre trips and performances we’ve got coming up this term and there won’t be a dull moment for the Southwark Youth Theatre in 2018.

Words: Dorothy McDowell

More holiday photos: Copy of the first folio a…

More holiday photos: Copy of the first folio at the RSC

oldchildrensbooks: Roméo et Juliette Vintage post…


Roméo et Juliette
Vintage post card.

Artist : Rie Cramer

Romeo and Juliet – Backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe On…

Romeo and Juliet – Backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe

On the final performance of Daniel Kramer’s Romeo and Juliet, Helena Miscioscia captured these special moments behind the scenes.

(Image credits: Helena Miscioscia)

What did Shakespeare know about love?Photo: Katy Owen as…

What did Shakespeare know about love?

Photo: Katy Owen as Malvolio in Twelfth Night, 2017, photo by Hugo Glendinning

Ahead of her course this August, Jane Kingsley-Smith from The University of Roehampton wanted to ask – what did Shakespeare know about love?

Shakespeare’s work seems to epitomise romantic love in popular culture. Teenage passion is modelled on Romeo and Juliet; sexual jealousy finds its echoes in Othello; the blindness of infatuation is defined by the Sonnets. But to what extent was Shakespeare’s imagining of love determined by his culture?

This course will examine the various theories that shaped the experience of love in Shakespeare’s time. Love was imposed by a mythological deity, Cupid; it was a humoral imbalance in the body that caused literal sickness; a poetic tradition through which one might achieve political aims; a myth that facilitated marriage and population growth. By understanding these competing theories, we can gain some sense of Shakespeare’s own philosophy of love, as developed in the plays, and how it influenced his contemporaries.  


Photo: Kirsty Bushell as Juliet and Edward Hogg as Romeo in
Romeo and Juliet, 2016, photo by Robert Workman

Whilst Shakespearean love is created by language, it is also something to be enacted on a stage. Shakespeare worked with a set of theatrical conventions for performing love which might include the use of physical space, gesture, music and stage effects. Workshops with Globe professionals will enable participants on this course to explore how the illusion of love was created on stage, with particular focus on Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and Much Ado About Nothing.

Finally, we will examine the notion of Shakespeare himself as a lover. From the eighteenth century onwards, Shakespeare’s capacity to feel love has been one of his most praised qualities, and biographical hints in the Sonnets have led to poems, plays, novels and latterly films which re-imagine Shakespeare as a lover. But why are we so concerned with the way in which Shakespeare loved, and how is this perception of Shakespearean desire changing in the modern world?  


Photo: Joshua Lacey as Orsino and Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Viola in
Twelfth Night, photo by Hugo Glendinning

This course promises to enrich our understanding of the value placed on love in Shakespeare’s work, in early modern culture, and in our own lives.

The course Shakespeare On Love takes place this August and places are still available. 

Find out more >>


James Corden and Emily Blunt perform an abridged version of…

James Corden and Emily Blunt perform an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet set to 14 modern songs, across seven different sets and just one take to get it right.

William HatherellO, Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?…

William Hatherell
O, Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? c.1912
Gouache on paper, 241 x 178 mm
Collection: Tate

Trailer for the Globe Theatre’s production of Romeo and…

Trailer for the Globe Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet, which looks rather good. Romeo and Juliet plays at the Globe Theatre until 9 July.

spoilertv:Still Star-Crossed – Promo, Press Release + Logos…


Still Star-Crossed – Promo, Press Release + Logos

Follow the link for a trailer and synopsis. Looks rather boring to me.

Shit-faced Shakespeare Shorts: Romeo & Juliet

Shit-faced Shakespeare Shorts: Romeo & Juliet