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Nancy Meckler’s production of King Lear brings the play’s humour…

Nancy Meckler’s production of King Lear brings the play’s humour and humanity to the fore in this production, as the notion of familial love is questioned and torn apart.

Now in the Globe Theatre until Saturday 14 October. 
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Streamed for the first time into cinemas across the UK and Ireland on Thursday 21 September. Find a cinema near you. 

King Lear: Audience Reactions

King Lear, directed by Nancy Meckler, is now playing in the Globe Theatre until Saturday 14 October. Here’s what audiences have been saying about the production so far.

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Boudica Blogs: Music and MovementAssistant Director Martin…

Boudica Blogs: Music and Movement

Assistant Director Martin Leonard’s final Boudica blog. The blogging may be over, but this play’s journey continues!

In addition to all the fighting and scene work, we somehow manage to fit in a music call with the composer Jules Maxwell, in which we look at some of the singing that will feature in the show. 

The songs vary in style, from boisterous post battle celebrations to more soulful meditations on death and remembrance. The cast are quick to pick the music up and by the end of one session have learnt both harmonies and drum accompaniments to three different pieces.

To cap it all off, we also have Tom Jackson Greaves, our choreographer, helping to both strengthen the physical language of the piece and also choreograph key moments in the play. 

This week he looked mainly at the Prologue, in which the Goddess of Victory, Andraste, sets the entire play in motion, introduces us to key characters and explores some of the historical context of Roman Britain. 


While Anna-Maria Nabirye (pictured in rehearsal), playing Andraste, grapples magnificently with her opening monologue, Tom begins to build a shape to the choreography for the rest of the ensemble cast, the aim being to create imagery that supports Andraste’s words and adds depth to her storytelling.

We end the week wondering where all the time has gone and with a real appreciation of the magnitude of the task in hand. Overall, however, we are optimistic about what we have so far managed to achieve. 

Eleanor has explored more of the scenes with the actors than we originally thought would be possible in the time (in part due to the energy and enthusiasm of the brilliant cast) and we find ourselves with an initial blueprint to the staging of a good chunk of the first half. 

But this is just the beginning –  second week will soon be upon us and this means carrying on where we left off – scene work, circuits and a whole lot more violence.


Boudica Blogs: Exciting But Strange AffairsAssistant Director of…

Boudica Blogs: Exciting But Strange Affairs

Assistant Director of Boudica Martin Leonard presents a series of blogs in which he takes us inside the rehearsal room of this exciting new play which opens on Friday 8 September.

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First days are incredibly exciting but strange affairs – the room is awash with nervous energy. 

The initial meet and greet is full of people, some you recognise and many you don’t – from the artistic team, production, marketing, costume, props-making, box office, etc. It’s testament to the size of a theatre like Shakespeare’s Globe and the magnitude of the logistical operation that goes into creating an action-packed summer season. 

Emma Rice, Artistic Director, kicks us off with a warm welcome, waxing lyrical about the play and its place in the Globe’s Summer of Love season. Love is admittedly not a word that immediately comes to mind when describing a play that involves buckets of violence, the dismantling of a nation and the deaths of thousands, but in its own way… it makes sense. The play explores cultural identity, the love of one’s home and one’s family and the tragic consequences of what can happen when this love is threatened.

Eleanor Rhode, Boudica’s director, follows with a short introduction to the play itself, its ideas and the history of its development, before we get stuck straight into the first read-through…

The cast are together for the first time sat around a big table, scripts in hand, and we all as a group get a chance to get to grips with the piece. It’s great to hear the actors bring the text alive – it’s a little taster of what each actor will bring to the production and helps to clarify to us all how each character might begin to form. 

I get a starring role, playing the part of ‘Stage Directions’, so I spend most of the first read-through desperately trying to remember the correct pronunciations of the various Briton and Roman names and places, such as the tongue twisting Prasutagus and Camulodunum.

A fun first day. Until next time…

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Boudica: Rehearsal Photos Boudica is a brand new ancient…

Gina McKee (Boudica)

Joan Iyiola (Alonna)

Forbes Masson (Cunobeline)

Samuel Collings (Catus Deciamus)

Kate Handford (Silvia)

Owen Findlay (Ensemble)

Anna-Maria Nabirye (Andraste/Roman Woman) and Bethan Clark (Ensemble)

Clifford Samuel (Suetonius) and Jenny Fitzpatrick (Lucius)

Owen Findlay (Ensemble) and Abraham Popoola (Badvoc)

Natalie Simpson (Blodwynn) and Jenny Fitzpatrick (Lucius)

Boudica: Rehearsal Photos

Boudica is a brand new ancient history play by

Tristan Bernays

that tells the story of one of Britain’s most infamous women: a queen, a warrior and a rebel.

Directed by Eleanor Rhode, Boudica will play in the Globe Theatre from Friday 8 September – Sunday 1 October 2017.

(Image credits:

Helena Miscioscia)


King Lear: In PhotosKing Lear is now playing in the Globe…

Kevin R McNally (Lear) and Burt Caesar (Gloucester)

Loren O’Dair (Fool)

Kenton Thomas (Ensemble)

Anjana Vasan (Cordelia)

Kevin R McNally (Lear)

Sirine Saba (Regan)

Joshua James (Edgar)

Saskia Reeves (Kent)

The King Lear company in performance on the Globe stage.

King Lear: In Photos

King Lear is now playing in the Globe Theatre until Saturday 14 October.  

Nancy Meckler brings to life the play’s tempestuous poetry with touches of humour and moments of heart-rending simplicity, as the notion of familial love is questioned and torn apart in this charismatic and powerful production.

Listen to interviews with the actors. 

Watch our video features.

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(Image credits: Marc Brenner)

Twelfth Night – Backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe As Emma…

Twelfth Night – Backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe

As Emma Rice’s Twelfth Night came to a close, Helena Miscioscia was ready to capture these moments behind the scenes.

(Image credits: Helena Miscioscia)

Much Ado About Nothing: In PhotosMuch Ado About Nothing is now…

Company in performance

Martin Marquez (Leonato) and Lucy Brandon (child soldier)

Matthew Needham (Benedick)

Sarah Seggari (Margaret) and Ammara Niwaz (Ursula)

Ewan Wardrop (Dog Berry), Martin Marquez (Leonato), Anya Chalotra (Hero) and Steve John Shepherd (Don Pedro)

Ashley Campbell (Conrade) and Jo Dockery (Juana)

Matthew Needham (Benedick) and Beatriz Romilly (Beatrice)

Steve John Shepherd (Don Pedro) and Beatriz Romilly (Beatrice)

Anya Chalotra (Hero)

Company in performance

Much Ado About Nothing: In Photos

Much Ado About Nothing is now playing in the Globe Theatre until Sunday 15 October. 

This classic tale finds an explosive new life as our Associate Director Matthew Dunster pins it against the backdrop of revolutionary Mexico, 1914. 

Take a peek at the action in our trailer

See how the costume designs came to life.

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(Image credits: Tristram Kenton) 

Gina McKee Will Play BoudicaThis week we announced the cast…

Gina McKee Will Play Boudica

This week we announced the cast for Boudica

Gina McKee will be playing the title role in Eleanor Rhode’s forthcoming production which charts the story of one of Britain’s most famous warrior queens.

Gina is well-known for a huge range of roles across stage and screen, having appeared in award-winning films such as Notting Hill, Atonement and In The Loop, and television dramas such as Line of Duty (BBC), Vera (ITV), Hebburn (BBC), The Borgias (Showtime) and most recently, Emerald City (NBC). 

On stage, she played Queen Elizabeth in Jamie Lloyd’s Richard III at Trafalgar Studios, Goneril in Michael Grandage’s King Lear at the Donmar Warehouse and Anne in Lyndsey Turner’s Faith Healer at the Donmar Warehouse last year.


Boudica Cast AnnouncedGina McKee will play the title role in our…

Boudica Cast Announced

Gina McKee will play the title role in our production of Boudica, a new play which charts the story of one of Britain’s most famous warrior queens.

The full cast: Bethan Clark, Samuel Collings, Owen Findlay, Jenny Fitzpatrick, Kate Handford, Joan Iyiola, Brian Martin, Forbes Masson (above L-R), Gina McKee, Anna-Maria Nabirye, Abraham Popoola, Clifford Samuel, Natalie Simpson and Tok Stephen (below L-R).

Written by Tristan Bernays and directed by Eleanor Rhode, Boudica opens on Friday 8 September in The Globe Theatre.

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