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Use your voice – Voter’s Choice shows In Shakespeare’s day…

Use your voice – Voter’s Choice shows 

In Shakespeare’s day the choice of which play will be performed was made by the most powerful person of the household. In keeping with that tradition we are putting the power in the hands of you, our audience.

This summer, in a first for Shakespeare’s Globe, we are giving you the chance to vote for the play you’d like to see on the night. The plays you could be watching are: The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew or Twelfth Night.

How does it work 

During the pre-show you will be asked to make your choice. Once the collective decision has been made, the performance will start straight away.

This does mean that if you book more than one ‘voter’s choice’ performance you may see the same play twice if the audience votes the same way both times.

Got a favourite of the three plays? Why not persuade your friends on social media to vote for it by using the hashtags: #TwelfthNight, #TheTamingoftheShrew, #TheMerchantofVenice. 

Fixed Performances and Voter’s choice On Tour

Cast your vote at venues around the UK and Europe.

Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Monday 7 May, 7.30pm Twelfth Night

Tuesday 8 May, 2.00pm Twelfth Night

Thursday 10 May, 7.30pm Twelfth Night

Friday 11 May, 2.00pm The Taming of The Shrew

Sunday 13 May, 1.00pm & 6.30pm The Taming of The Shrew

Monday 14 May, 7.30pm The Merchant of Venice

Tuesday 15 May, 2.00pm The Merchant of Venice

Wednesday 16 May, 7.30pm The Merchant of Venice

Friday 18 May, 2.00pm & 7.30pm Voter’s Choice

Chilham Castle, Kent

Friday 25 May, 7.00pm – The Merchant of Venice

Saturday 26 May, 2.00pm – Twelfth Night | 7.00pm – The Taming of the Shrew

Sunday 27 May 2018, 1.00pm –voter’s choice & 6.00pm – Twelfth Night

Pontio Arts Centre, Bangor

Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 June

All voter’s choice

Campos Eliseos Theater, Bilbao, Spain

Wednesday 13 – Thursday 14 June

All voter’s choice


Auditorio Niemeyer, Avilés, Spain

Saturday 16 June

All voter’s choice

Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Spain

Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 June

All voter’s choice

Shakespeare Festival, Neuss, Germany

Monday 25 – Tuesday 26 June

All voter’s choice


Art Carnuntum, Austria

Friday   29-Jun, 7pm, The Merchant of Venice

Saturday 30-Jun, 7pm, Voter’s Choice 2pm & 7pm The Taming of The Shrew

Sunday 01-Jul, 7pm Twelfth Night

Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 July

All voter’s choice

Brighton Open Air Theatre, Brighton

Wednesday 11  – Saturday 14 July

All voter’s choice


Bodleian Library Quad, Oxford

Monday 16 – Sunday 29 July

All voter’s choice


Doddington Hall, Lincoln

Tuesday 7 August, 6pm, The Merchant of Venice

Wednesday 8 August, 1pm, Twelfth Night & 6pm, The Taming of The Shrew

Alnwick Playhouse, Alnwick

Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 August

All voter’s choice


Ystad Theater, Sweden

Thursday 16 August, 7pm, The Merchant of Venice

Friday 17 August, 7pm, The Taming of The Shrew

Saturday 18 August 3pm, Twelfth Night & 7pm Voter’s Choice

Shakespeare’s Globe, London 

Thursday 6 September, 2.00pm,  Twelfth Night

Friday 7 September, 7.30pm

Saturday 8 September, 2.00pm The Merchant of Venice

#GlobeOnTour 2018 in RehearsalOur #GlobeOnTour company are in…

Cynthia Emeagi.

Cynthia Emeagi.

Steffan Cennydd and Sarah Finigan.

Luke Brady.

Steffan Cennydd.

Colm Gormley and Rhianna McGreevy.

Brendan O’ Hea (Director) and Isabel Marr (Assistant Director).

Rhianna McGreevy.

Cynthia Emeagi, Russell Layton, Colm Gormley, Steffan Cennydd, Jacqueline Phillips, Rhianna McGreevy, Sarah Finigan and Luke Brady.

#GlobeOnTour 2018 in Rehearsal

Our #GlobeOnTour company are in rehearsals. This year they will take Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew and The Merchant of Venice on tour to various venues across the world. 

Some of the performances will be decided beforehand, but for others the choice of play will often be given to the audience on the evening of the performance, in order to experiment with how a company would have toured in Shakespeare’s day.

See the full rehearsal gallery on Facebook

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Photography by Marc Brenner

Cast Announced for Summer 2018 TourWe are delighted to announce…

Luke Brady and Steffan Cennydd

Cynthia Emeagi

Sarah Finigan

Colm Gormley

Russell Layton

Rhianna McGreevy

Jacqueline Phillips

Cast Announced for Summer 2018 Tour

We are delighted to announce full casting for our 2018 tour, directed by Brendan O’Hea

From 7 May, a company of eight actors will embark on a national and international tour of Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew and The Merchant of Venice, beginning and ending at The Globe. 

In the spirit of Shakespearean tradition, the company will allow the audience to decide which of the three plays they would like to see, with a voting mechanism to be determined over the course of rehearsals.

The full cast includes: Luke Brady, Steffan Cennydd, Cynthia Emeagi, Sarah Finigan, Colm Gormley, Russell Layton, Rhianna McGreevy and Jacqueline Phillips.

“In the past decade we’ve toured across the world to castles, refugee camps, country houses and theatres. But one thing we never leave behind is the spirit of The Globe – in a shared space with story, storyteller and audience, we celebrate Shakespeare’s work with as many people as possible. But we’re keen to push the experiment further, so we asked, what would Shakespeare do? Following in Shakespearean tradition, our merry band will have three plays up their sleeve, and, for many performances, the responsibility to choose the entertainment will be given back to the most powerful person in our household: the audience. It’s experimental, it’s experiential, it’s Shakespearean, it’s shared, and it’s at the heart of all that we do.” Artistic Director Designate Michelle Terry

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